Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Ranking System

I don't have enough time to record a vid for this short explanation because airsoft player TV is showing a live webcast in 20 mins. For the ranking system, you go up a rank for two "kills" and then the next rank is double that. Recruits become a private second class after two "kills." Then to rank up again you need four. Then eight, so on so forth. I would like everyone to keep some kind of record on how many "kills" you got, so I may promote you. How ever if you shoot a teammate I will deduct one KP, or "kill" point, from your cumulative KP. This means that if you "kill" too many teammates, you will loose rank. You can view your rank on the side bar, we all will start at recruit. To gain KP you must "kill" a real airsofter, not a can. On the bar you will see the rank, your name, and how much KP you have.


Recruit [insert name (1KP)]


  1. So I went out for another day of aitsoft at Xtreme Kombat. You should check out their website to see pictures of their fields, city and evrything.

    The XtremeKombat Girls are HOT!

    Today was full of firsts:

    1. I watched a guy toss a smoke-grenade into a small building, let it fill up... then just started hosing the place with BBs. GOTTA HAVE SMOKE GRENADES now!

    2. Realize that you can shoot ambidextriously (sp) VERY easily if you have a red-dot scope... keep the body behind cover!

    3. I suggest MOUTH-Guards! My buddy was crouching behind a bunker... weapon shouldered... taking fire... pokes his head up... taking fire... quickly drops his head down... slams face into metal sight on top of gun... breaks about 1/4 of his left front tooth off! OUCH! MOUTH-guard next on the list!


  2. Greetings Air Soft Warriors. First let me introduce myself. I will be known as Fatjudo in the arena. Most people know me as "target boy" or "bullzeye boy". I am working hard to change that. I have yet made the investment into an official gun...I am still looking and trying to spot the right gun for my skills. Which if I were to try and describe them they would be "camper"..."slow moving"..."lumberous" are just a few. Levi and Astikk have been a great source of knowledge as far as tech data on units, places to purchace that special little something, and just general knowledge on the "how to" of gun and equipment care. I for one am very excited for the spring to break. As you can imagine its tough to practice in the snow covered yard with the "refuse" of 3 dogs just randomly placed about. Talk about land mines. SO I just wanted to post. Got my first experience with NC man's live web chat last night. Levi got a chance to talk and chat with the man himself. WE ARE GETTING NOTICED.

  3. Yea, the gas mask meets the standards, it's military surplus. and you may not notice but the helmet has an interior riot shield.


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