Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I see some New York Zombies that need to be put outta their MISERY!

Thanks for all the Happy Birthday Wishes... I know this is the last one that will matter! When Baby Holl comes along, he's gonna get all the toys... like full-metal Grenade launchers and S.A.W.S.!

I got some new gear for my birthday:

The Green Chest rig (holds ~6 M4 mags, radio pouch and 2x utility pouches) was from Eda and the new ACU pistol leg holster was free from Dick's sporting goods with my Rewards card. I guess when you buy a shotgun there, you get alittle money back!

And of course, G-ma Sal got me my UTG MP5-A5 for Christmas/B-day. I upgraded the internals with steel bushings, metal spring-guide with bearings and a better stock motor. I rewired the battery pack to the rear of the gun so I can use a 9.6V pack that won't fit in the front handgrip.
That's about all for now... gotta run out to dinner with Eda!


  1. I hope this summer we are on the same team lol. Dad will probably pee himself at all the firepower we have!

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  3. I call being on the team with you and Levi too!!! Lol.


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