Thursday, January 14, 2010

Helpful, Personal Time, Training Ideas

If anyone on the team has Rainbow Six Vegas two or Modern Warfare two, set it to one hit kills on multiplayer and hook up with some friends and practice some ETF tactics on the NEWBZ!!! But, if you don't have an xbox or those games, set up some targets or cans and tin foil in your backyard and practice shooting them with out being in the open for more than three seconds. Pretend the targets are enemy airsofters and the three seconds is the time you have in the open before they shoot you. After each round, try reducing the time by one second and see how you fare, and reduce by a second again. Try to come up with more training ideas similar to these two and post post it as a comment, we might use it in the next meeting (the one after the intro).


  1. This is a great idea that will help hone your fire and displace tactics. If you pop around a corner, let loose a 1-2 second burst... then grab cover, you are in a good place. However, if you are not positive that you "neutralized" your target, displace to another location and assult again. You've given away your location to other enemy that you did not originally engage. Now they have the advantage... take it back by displacing to another location and assulting again.

    The practice environment you discussed, ie setting up aluminum targets, would be great to home your shooting on the move... if you miss, displace to another angle and take the shot again!

    Communication between team members becomes VERY crucial when you start falling back. Hand signals and predetermined rally points are a good idea to setup and learn.

    More to come.... I'm goona try to get some vidoe of this weekends airsoft battles.

    Last weekend was sweet! I was popping people off from ridiculous distances with my sniper rifle... one bridge-of-the-nose shot (that drew blood) from over 120ft. And he's my friend! yikes!

  2. I don't know how to use these blog things... its Uncle Matt... aka Astrikk as far as airsoft is concerned... I'll figure out how to post comments with my real handle!

    see ya


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