Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ready for the sunshine

I know this post is a little late...but it is sooo worth it. We had a small get together to try and feel out a little bit of the tatctics and just to see if we really wanted to face that P90. Talk about a charmer....the only thing more menacing that the noise that came from that man eater...was the slicing noise of the ammo tearing through the air like a frozen rope twards the tender flesh lightly covered by your pair of jeans or light jacket. What I quickly realized was that the first plastic bullet didn't hurt, but the dozens that followed into the same location after the inital were the true cause of my "more than typical" torment. All in all the only way to combat this David vs. Goliath scenario is either snow suits in July or pin point accuracy. I will keep you informed on which one works for me.

Till then here is a quick photo of just what we were up against


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  1. Y'all look like some ANGRY killers!

    FatJudo's mask is about as SWEET as they come!

    How is the fogging issue in Levi's and Fatty's masks?

    I know Monster-T's speclacles will fog... but the cold weather usually makes it go away quick.

    For the summer (mucho fog-o) there is a lens treatment called Cat-Crap (no kidding) which works awesome. Look on e-Bay... it's really cheap and works great.

    What's that, an M16?, I see behind the Black-face Baclava Killer!

    I can't wait to get up there and sling some plastic around... looks a BIT chilly out there! Makes them BBs feel OH SO special doesn't it! Anyone get a knuckle shot yet? They tend to be the worst in the cold.

    Techie Alert Techie ALERT!!!!!
    All you "Davids" out there with a side-arm only... if you buy a package of 0.4g sniper BBs(~2000 rnds for $25 at shorty's, 0.36s work well too) for use in said side-arm, your range and accuracy is SUBSTANTIALLY increased. Since they are semi-auto, you won't go through them too quickly. I always run my pistol with 0.4's now... very useful.

    FYI Wal-mart sells 2-pk of magazines for Crossman Air Mag C11 pistol for $9.99. If your local Wally world does not... let me know and I'll ship some to you.

    Keep the pictures coming! Did you get my last set that I sent just after new years?



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