Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just to Recap

-The meeting will be on Feb 20
Peyt, Fatjudo, Tricia, Jason, Astrikk, Joel, and Steven are allowed to come

-Patches will soon be made, we get 2 to start, if you want extras, then just pay an extra $3

-The team camo is Woodland (primary) and ACU (secondary)

-Keep a record of your "kills" so you can rank up

-A practice skirmish will be held this weekend (Friday, Saturday) all team members are welcome

-I got my P90 ammo pouches and a utility bag yesterday, I still have to wait for my vest because the airsoft carolina store forgot to change the vest status to out of stock

-Don't forget to upload some more skirmish and other airsoft related videos and pictures

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