Thursday, January 14, 2010

Official Team Camo Finalized

I have finally made my decision on what our camo should be. I originally planed on Digital ACU camo, but I had a change of heart, because of where I live I decided we should use woodland camo, it's very useful in woodland areas like here in New York. ACU is too bright and grey-ish to be used in forest areas. Not to mention, it looks frikin sweet.


  1. You got that right, woodland camo is great forest camo. For major airsoft events, the two opposing forces are dressed in opposite camoflauge to easily distinguish teams. Usually, the two team colors are "green" and "tan", except for specialized games that use "unruly mob" (street clothes like jeans and t-shirts) versus "security forces" (wear all black).

    Woodland green is designated as a "green" camo, while the 3-color desert tan is designated "tan". Make pretty good sense huh!

    Special patterns like Digital ACU are actually designated as "tan" uniforms because they are so light colored.

    As a team that travels to these "big" sceranio games, it's always good to have one of each color to be able to even out the sides. EVERYONE always has woodland because it is so popular and effective as camo. You may want to designate the Digital ACU as Team ETF's offical "tan" uniform. really cheap and easy to come by down here... might have to pick you up a set for your birthday... if it becomes "official" herr capitan.

    By the way, Happy Birthday pal!

    Lemme know,


  2. The official team Logo is pretty sweet. Are you going to make them into patches. I know it can be done... I dunno where or how, but if you get them made up, lemme know cause I WANTS one!



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