Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have been in Vegas for a couple of days and Levi has taken some time to sit down with me while I am out here to help me decide on what little piece of treasure I might invest in. Here are the two that have caught my eye. If you have any info good or bad on these guns please feel free to fill us in before I go and make a purchase that I will regret. Also need some good info on a general purpose scope or fancy site. Happy Hunting


  1. I hope you have the money to buy this, lord knows I don't. All the guns in the world won't save you from my P90 or Uncle Matt's M16!

  2. Greetings All!

    Styers and G36s are both nice guns... very useful in Close Quarters Combat (CQB) games because of compact size. The Styer is even better, they are sneaky guns (just like the P90) they have a bull-pup design which gives them suprizing accuracy over longer distances.

    I prefer the G36 design simply off of COOLNESS factor... they are a mean looking gun.

    Aftermarket parts, gizmos and gadgets are going to be much less available (compared to M4/M16 or MP5) and probably more expensive since they are less commonly used. Just a consideration...

    As far as scopes go... do not waste money on a 3x9x40 or 3x9x50... you will see things WAY outta your range. They will look cool but cost more and be no more useful than the Leapers UTG 4X32 Mil-Dot Airsoft Rifle Scope with 1 Inch Tube I bought from Shorty.

    Whatever gun you chose, just make sure you'll have fun with it! that's what this is all about. As far as the two guns shown above, you have to ask yerself one question PUNK!

    G36 - Do I wanna look like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 3? (on the bridge while being attacked by the predator drone)

    Styer AUG - Do I wanna look this the Big Blonde Aryan German dude in Die Hard!

    Simple questions with great significance!


    Did you get my email about the M14 SOCOM?


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