Friday, January 15, 2010

Team Patch

The ETF logo that you see on the sidebar is our official team logo, and it will soon be a patch for your shoulder, tactical gear, clothing, ect. The exact date on when the patches will be made is unclear but, they will be made and distributed during the meeting after delivery. We will each get two patches, as Astrikk has pointed out, we need two colored uniforms (green and tan, camo optional, or replace tan with ACU.) The two camos is like getting a home and away team colors. These are decent sized patches, they are 7cm in diameter. If you want extra patches please give us an extra 3 dollars per extra patch (this is a discount). The original patch price is about 5 dollars, you may pay the full five dollars per patch if you want but as a teammate you get a discount. If a friend of yours wants one too, they must give you the full $5 per patch. ONLY TEAMMATES GET DISCOUNTS.


if you wanted three extra patches you would pay


or you could pay the full price, which is $15

Please notify me ASAP if you want extras and what payment plan to choose.

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