Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Date is decided

On saturday February 20 is the day of the introduction. We will go over AEG's, the proper way to handle and keep them in good condition. I will also go over the proper safety needs, and what equipment is optional but extremely useful. There will also be bb types and gun add-ons, like scopes, sights, lasers, lights, ect. I will also go over basic game rules, types and RT's (roll types).
These are basic RT types; Recon, Soldier, Sniper, Support, Demo man/woman, Grenadier, ect. We will go over Mag types; Low, Mid, and High cap mags and their uses. We will also have some firing tests with springers, gas guns, and maybe AEG's like my P90. More information will be given out during the meeting. My guess, this will last a good three hours, maybe more.

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  1. What does an airsoft old-guy have to do to join this team? Is it open to outsider (us temporary NC residents) recruitment? I might be able make your meeting if I get an invite.

    I could bring a wealth of "technical" support on gun maintenance! Sounds like you got most of the info already covered.

    There is a good chance I'll be moving to the Pittsburgh area in the summer. that's not too far away to make events!




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