Wednesday, June 30, 2010

That's What I'm Talkin Bout!!!

These are a couple ideas of what i"m trying to zing! I attached my before shot so you can see what I mean by "action" shot :) Some of the images on the site are too compressed to use (see how levi gets a little pixellated) so if and when you all wanna, rip a couple so I can make some sweet magic! BTW went out last sunday to a new joint and i LOVE the sniper action! THANK YOU JUDOCHOPP for sighting in my mamajama! She's got the distance! Hope to get together soon my brothas~SBD IS OUT!

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  1. Happy Fourth of July my good partners in crime. Well a quick status update. We are still fumbling through boxes but the house is pretty settled. We are going to watch Tosh.0 this morning and then take a much needed break to the pool. See if a little sunshine can recharge the batteries. We have a spare bedroom that is in the finished basement that the plans are to set up the ETF headquarters in there. You know...Asterikk has a closet...we have a room. NOW we just gotta fill it in. SBD I love the photo joke you are a wizard. We will get our loot on and see what we can come up with. Talk to you guys soon. FJC in PA


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