Thursday, June 17, 2010

Echo1 Sponsorship!

I'm working on getting a sponsorship for our ragtag band of misfits. No worries if you don't run Echo 1 equipment (Of course Levi and I are awesome :)- but if you have pics that haven't made the the ETF site get them up there! Dented heads and all. Join and help me beg at , go to Fforums" log in and tell them why the ETF neads gear!!! ALAS! I HAVE IT! This weekend at some point get someone to take an ACTION pic of you fully decked in any getup anywhere! Send it to and i'll cut and paste our badasses into a super sweet pic!!! If you take more than one pic, do a "baseball card" style pic. (from the waist up with or without gun and use a flash) I'll do the rest! It seems we may have members departing to new regions and I want to commemerate the best summer of Airsoft yet...i look at it like an infection! We're spreading out, taking over and gathering new recruits!!! Just like flesh eating bacteria!!! :) S.B.D. is O.U.T.


  1. Those G&Gs that are 300+, those are the professional series. I believe that the G2000 is gunna be in the affordable series though. Not like it's gunna matter I'm still gunna buy it lol.

  2. An Echo 1 sponsorship sounds awesome! How would it work though? Would we get discounted gear? That'd be cool because about a month ago, I found an Echo 1 that I fell in love with. It's a pimped out gun. Here's the link: And, I'll get you some pictures of me asap, SBD.


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