Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh boy, oh boy!

My sweet sweet package came in from ShortyUSA! (sorry, warstore guys...had to) Willy is not a fan! Yes, I've been shooting in the house! (yes, it's awesome shooting in the house) Belly down in the bedroom I have a clear shot thru the hall and livingroom into the kitchen (about 35-40ft) and that sucka is truly silent. Call it reckless but i set up the shipping box w/ a pistol target on it and she shot a lil high...consistent tho. I don't wanna f too much w/ the scope as it will be completely different outside and I'll range it up proper on Sunday. without thinking at 480 fps the handful of shots travelled clear through (no effort) and into my wall. Oops! I got spackle! She's got a plastic exterior except for the outer barrel and top rail but she's solid inside. I was surprised at the amount of effort it took to pull the bolt back. I'm sure I'll snag the titebore at some point and they have a spring and piston set that'll put her well past the 500fps mark. For now though, she'll do. I will say for $115.00 it's an exceptional value! TTYS!

S.B.D. is O.U.T.

Oh...and her name is Matilda.
My pistol doesn't have a name...I just know the sound it makes when it pwns!

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