Thursday, June 10, 2010


The G&G F2000 finally came out on G&Gs website, now.... to wait for it to arrive on Airsoft GI.


  1. Buddy, I'm excited for you!!! G&G make some FINE SH!T...expensive, but hi-quality! Before you purchase, give me a headsup and I'll see what the guys at the warstore can do for you! I'd buy you one, but I have to pay rent...and that thing will cost damn near 450.00 I'm sure. (plus battery etc) argh! Good lookin piece!!! Bringing the 90 this weekend?

  2. Oh and I have a couple sweet new 2010 glossy catalogs from G&G I'll bring up. One is all firearms and the second is all upgrades, parts kits etc. I've already drooled on half of it so I'll wipe it off and give them to you!


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