Wednesday, March 30, 2011

god damn it...

My F2000's gear box is all screwed up. There is a manufacturers fault in it where every so often the trigger won't complete the circuit to the gear box. Making the thing jam, the only way Dad and I fixed it last time was to disassemble it and re-assemble it.

Hey Astrikk,
when you get a chance to read this post, do you know if you can fix it (or know anybody who can?) I'm positing this because I don't have your phone number. I got a small virus on my Droid that erased it and a few of my phone wallpapers. You don't have to reply by commenting, you can just contact Mom, Dad, or me by a text or email.

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  1. Man that sucks dude...i'm sure it's something silly or small...those precision gears can be finicky! I can check with the dudes at the war store for tips if you like! the guys there are all about G&G and can prolly point you in the right direction! Astrikk will have the answers for sure!


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