Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Real Steel!

Hey everbody!!! S.B.D. here!!!

I couldn't resist! I picked up a HiPoint 9mm (10 round) semi-auto carbine just recently. She shoots like a dream...next to no recoil and as fast as you need it to be. The range allows only FMJ's (Full Metal Jackets) but have picked up 25 rounds of Winchester JHP's (Jacketed Hollow Points) and Remington HPJ (High Performance Jackets) just in case y'know. My hope is to never have to shoot it outside the range (that's what I have Maybelline for) but pretty jazzed overall on it's performance and price! (It was about the same price as my Airsoft M4!) They had some sweet targets that werent the human outline...(something bothers me about that, maybe that people LIKE to shoot at humans for practice) but i went for the zombies!

Results are in!!!

Top target was with red-dot freshly slapped on there at 75 ft
Second...sighted in...

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