Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good News/Bad News

Okay so I just got hired at Dunkin' Donuts so bad news is I wont have as much free time to airsoft and like Jason ill probably need a week or two in advance for scheduling( I'll let you know more when my boss lets me know more) Good News is ill finally be able to buy new guns since my umarex exploded(again) my D-Eagle has a crack and my AK's Butt fell off.

I have a the CM050A Full Metal AK PMC Blow back Airsoft Gun with a tatical red dot in mind but anyone have any other suggestions im not really looking to spend more than 300 for the gun alone but ill go a little over if i have to.

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  1. Hey Mister! I may be biased, but I've found Echo1 to be a solid choice for low dough! My M4 was $225, comes with a 9.6v batt and shoots fast out of the box with their new gearbox. Since it was a cqb it came with a n unbelievably short inner barrell. I threw a madbull tightbore in it for $40 and it's accuracy and range have been much improved. Of course Guay and Guay models come with the upgraded tite-bore in it...i guess the options are limited only by $$$. I like to keep it cheap, but enjoy durability. is sweet as well as Levi's sweet links on the right! Congrats on the new jobby job!


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