Saturday, January 14, 2012

Greetings and Welcome back

My dear dear friends we have been away as you can well imagine. Many changes in our situation have presented themselves to us. Jobs, lady friends, nagging parents that pull us away to do more "responsible" or more age appropriate tasks. I say nope....not for me. I to have been one who has been amiss and have not given my sweet sweet huggie bear the love and attentions that she deserves. One addition to my arsenal would be a sniper rifle from SBD. Some of the facilities that we have played at don't like it....its too strong, it shoots too fast when you crono it. Then you see them jackass's pull out their hopped up frozen rope bb slingers and you wonder if they just cant take the competition. So with the back street money swap and the quick slight of hand I am now the proud owner of "Zombie Slayer". Yes winter is upon us but I say its no reason to not fire up the blog and get us back on the blog. Post up the latest and greatest that you have been up to. Get back out there and see if we can't spur a couple new faces to the membership. Time is short. Graduations are upon us and spring will be here before we know it. I have scouted out a new field and am in negotiations with the owner. Its close to home, its nice old growth woods with little brush, and most of all it would be ETF exclusive.

SBD - Tpach - Jason - Asterikk - Levi - Savvy ITS time to get our guns out and our thick skins on. I look forward to hearing from you all

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  1. It HAS been too long! Tonight as I wait for Judo I will dust off the equipment and perhaps ponder the stinging of tender neck-meat. Perhaps an updated profile pic to boot! I like the idea of a private and exclusive field! Then we will be masters of our own universe! I beg again that Levi, our esteemed and charitable leader rank us all up to ELITE status so we may claim this motley group as a highly trained and elite fighting force! Ol' Maybelline misses you all...S.B.D. is O.U.T.


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