Thursday, August 5, 2010

Attack...Attack ...Attack

I know I know I know....its been forever since we updated anything... SBD has been so patient with us in the fact that we have moved and gotten settled at the new homestead. Granted we gave up a large garage and a pretty decent back yard but we gained an ETF office and a whole field that we are eager to scout around in....just have to watch out for chiggers and ticks ...or was it tiggers and chicks. Not sure. Here was a couple of performance photos from our last run at Penn Yan. What we have decided is that the people that play there are good people. Lots of people out there for the first time and getting their feet wet. Unfortunatly the upper management can be a little condecending and if your a really bad person and he feels that you are out of line you will get set down for a time out. Enough about him. SBD brought the coolest gun alive. The sniper rifle adorn with the ever succlent "Zombie Slayer" in white lettering down the barrell. SOOooo sweet...what was bitter sweet was the fact that the gun shot to hot for the course. To many FPS....almost like going to a drag race and being told that your dragster is to fast and you have to park it. So much for "Go Big or GO HOME" huh...Penn Yan? All in all its was just good to get out and shoot a little. Levi looked like he had a garden hose running out of the bottom of the gas mask. SBD for this trip would have been better charging rental fees for all the loot he passed out to the new faces. I am sure about 10 people owe him big ...just on the cat crap aspect alone.For FatJudo well as you can see I have the most awesome pair of sports goggles known to man...somethings are just timeless....Now its time to find a new arena. Hope we can find something a little more open than just the CQB units around here.....but we are looking. Hope you enjoy the pics.
ITS TIME FOR PATCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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